Lincoln Early Bird Program

We will pay off up to 3 months with a maximum of $1,800 on your current lease & get you into a brand new Lincoln!

Limited-Time Offer Valid Through July 1, 2019

Ready to upgrade your current Lincoln?

Current Lincoln drivers with 3 or fewer monthly payments remaining on their Lincoln Lease may qualify to turn their current Lincoln in early and lease a new Lincoln.

Would You Benefit From the Early Bird Program?

Are you close to exceeding your annual mileage plan? Are you looking to get into a new model with newer Lincoln technology? Are you looking to minimize your monthly Lincoln lease payment? Are you interested in a different model than what you currently drive? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the pull ahead program may be the perfect solution for you to drive a brand new Lincoln, without large out of pocket costs.

Program Eligibility Requirements
  • Eligible Lincoln clients with a scheduled termination date between February 1, 2019 – October 10, 2019
  • Waives up to three (3) payments with a maximum of $1,800
  • The program is limited to current qualifying Lincoln customers and requires the purchase or lease of a new eligible Lincoln vehicle.
  • Clients must take delivery from dealer stock by July 1, 2019
  • All Retail or Lease contracts MUST be financed through Lincoln AFS. Customer must take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 7/01/2019
Lincoln Early Bird Lease Program - Lincoln Lineup

Do I Qualify?